Discovering Your Life Path Through Art 

In this eight week workshop participants are invited to honestly ask and answer their own questions through a series of art making exercises.  In this workshop you will map the journey to your ideal life and open yourself to all the possibilities it may offer.  In this workshop you will

  • learn eight different art making techniques to incorporate into your art making
  • gain support from a community of creative people to envision your true life path
  • you will gain a better understanding of the possibilities in your future and the path that can lead you there

Create Lesbian, Bi-sexual Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Intersex (LGBTQI) Youth Support Group

Create is on ongoing group that takes place every Wednesday.   Create is a safe place for LGBTQI youth ages 13-19 to join together and create art, community and support for one another.  No art experience necessary.
Reclaiming Family Equilibrium

This on-going workshop is a supportive multi-family group that offers the opportunity for strategic problem solving, education that includes guest speakers and specific exercises that include improving communication skills, limit-setting, and conflict resolution.

Center for Artful Intention
Workshops are scheduled based on participation and availability please contact us to find out  more details about our current list offerings.

Center for Artful Intention