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Center for Artful Intention
Girls In-Power
 6-Week Self-Empowerment and Anti-bullying Program  

​​​​​​​​​​​Art as Action

Girls will be using art as a tool for self-reflection and discovery

Collages, Goal Mapping, Body Mapping, Masks, Intention Bracelets

Girls will explore body knowledge and respect

Role playing, Yoga, Dance

Self Care​

Personal Awareness 
 Each girl will discover an awareness and trust in her intuitive self

Listening to Your Body, Creating Your Own Path, Body Appreciation, Nutrition

​Group Speak
        Girls will engage in a discussion about media and social messages
Big box of Big Questions, Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Media & Body Image

Once per week for six consecutive weeks. Each week one of the six units focuses on a different theme essential to girls' healthy development.   This program can be adapted for various age groups beginning at fourth and fifth grades. 

"A girl is bullied every seven minutes. Some of the top years for bullying include fourth through eighth grade in which 90% were reported as victims of some kind of bullying."
Young girls are increasingly experiencing bullying, low self-esteem, communication challenges, and a misunderstanding of their bodies and their rights. In an effort to proactively address  issues specific to girls and women we have developed an  interdisciplinary approach to connect girls with their empowered selves. This workshop is designed to establish a safe space for girls to develop a strong sense of self and leadership characteristics, in turn, reducing the incidents of bullying. 
  • In-Power Girls can appreciate their own beauty and talents (self esteem) and develop an awareness of their capacity to create their own path to leadership
  • In-Power Girls can identify caring people in their lives to generate a web of support.
  • In-Power Girls can use effective communication skills, identify and practice conflict resolution and understand the dynamics of bullying. 
  • In-Power Girls cultivate the strength to take responsibility for their own decisions (owning mistakes) and learn to make healthy choices.